An easier way for people to follow a process and work together.

Prestavi is modern workflow software that helps teams move work forward.

Prestavi is modern workflow software that makes it easy to turn complicated, disorganized or undocumented processes into standardized workflows that help your team move work forward.

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Create workflows that are a perfect fit for your business.

As much complexity and power as you need without ever becoming complicated

Beautiful drag and drop workflow builder

Powerful user assignments

Provide public access to specific steps

Add a variety of content types to each step

Flexible routing

Join multiple workflows together

And so much more!

Watch how easy it is to create workflows

Use your Workflows with Jobs

People inside and outside of your organization can use workflows interactively with jobs.

Use cases

Prestavi is made for

All of these use cases are for work that is structured and repeatable in nature.

Collaborating together


Intake, Admissions, and Registration

Business Operations Management

Procurement, Supplier and Vendor Management

Approval Processes

Following a structured process


Employee Training

Phone Call Scripting

Compliance Reviews and Audits

Finding a resolution or making a decision.


Customer Support Inquiries

Decision Trees

Developer Tools

Open API and Webhooks

You don't have to use code with Prestavi, but if you need the extra flexibility, we offer an open API and webhooks.